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CT Cubed Inc (CT3) is a cyber security services and consulting company that provides industry leading tactics, training and technology solutions. We develop tactics that have been proven effective against advanced persistent threat (APT) actors on the largest and most heavily attacked networks in the world. Several of our employees are graduates and previous instructors of the US Air Force Weapons School’s Cyber Warfare Operations course.




  1. Tactics Development - CT3 has years of experience working in multi-domain environments. CT3 personnel planned and executed major events such as SPACEFLAG and REDFLAG where tactics ensured  critical assets were secured and defended. We also have extensive real-world experience executing defensive cyber operations in complex environments.ry it now!
  2. Training Program - Cybersecurity personnel must constantly improve and refine their skillsets to stay ahead of threat actors. CT3 provides initial training programs to quickly get new personnel up to speed. We also have maintenance programs to keep your security staff aware of the latest techniques. Try it now!
  3. Technology Integration - Although tactics and training solve many technology limitations, a technological solution is sometimes required. We partner with proven vendors to help you implement and operate solutions to strengthen your overall security program.Try it now!


Colorado Springs

1465 Kelly Johnson Blvd
Suite 360
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Phone: +1 (888) 638-6814

Las Vegas

2850 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Suite 200
Henderson, NV 89052


Phone: +1 (888) 638-6814

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